Thai fishing problems resolved in three to six years


BANGKOK– The Command Center for Combating Illegal Fishing (CCCIF) speculates Thailand’s illegal fishing problems to be completely resolved in three to six years.

As part of the government’s ongoing measures against illegal employments in fishing industry, fishermen and fishery businesspersons will be informed of the new Fisheries Act and be obliged to perform accordingly, said CCCIF spokesman Vice Adm. Jumpol Lumpiganon.

He said the center has complied with suggestions from the European Union with respect to the enactment of the new law which has produced positive outcomes.

He said the authorities are now in the process of legislating other rules in addition to the Fisheries Act and are communicating with the general public through the issuance of fishery manuals, which help handle fishing industry in clear-cut and non-contradictory fashion.

The center forecasts that it will take six to three years from now to upgrade Thailand’s fishing industry on par with international standards, regarding the use of electronic devices to monitor fishing boats, the CCCIF spokesman said.

The CCCIF is now promoting the management of marine resources, installation of vessel tracking equipment, tracking system for volumes of catches, improvement of fishing-related operations at piers, elimination of labor and documentation problems and cooperation in fishing industry with neighboring countries.