Supreme Patriarch’s conditions remain stable


BANGKOK, 23 October 2013 According to the Supreme Patriarch’s close aide, the conditions of His Holiness remain stable, after Chulalongkorn Hospital announced late on Tuesday that he did not respond to medicines to increase blood pressure.


The sixth announcement released by the hospital said His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara had an inconsistent heart rate and his blood pressure was not satisfactory.

Assistant Abbot of Wat Bovornnives Phra Theppariyatvimol said a medical team at the hospital would continue to monitor his conditions around the clock.

Crowds of well-wishers have been streaming to Chulalongkorn Hospital to sign their best wishes for the revered spiritual leader.

The 100-year-old Supreme Patriarch underwent surgery to treat a bacterial infection in his intestines on October 14.