Super Poll shows 57.5 percent agree with Senate choosing premiership candidate


The majority of the people polled by Super Poll agree with the proposal that the House and the Senate should jointly nominate an outsider candidate for the premiership post if the House representatives cannot agree themselves a candidate from the party’s lists of candidates, according to the findings of the Super Poll Research Office released on Sunday.


The opinion poll shows that 57.5 percent of the 1,167 respondents agree with the proposal against 42.5 percent who disagree, said Dr Noppadol Kannikar, head of the research office.

The poll also shows 62.9 percent of the respondents support the use of Section 44 of the interim constitution to dissolve the House if its members cannot agree on the formation of a government in the future.

The poll which was conducted on September 30-October 2 also shows the following results: 87.4 percent of the respondents agree that the National Anti-Corruption Commission should deal with corrupt politicians responsible for the Uah-arthorn housing project against 12.6 percent who disagree; 59.4 percent agree that the NCPO should remain in place to oversee peace and security in parallel with the government; 79.3 percent of the respondents agree with the appointment of Deputy Defence Minister Udomdej Sitabutr as head of the “forward cabinet” overseeing the unrest problem in the Deep South.