Sunday’s Yala bomb suspect nabbed


YALA, 8 April 2013 Deep-South officials have arrested at least one suspect in connection with Sunday’s simultaneous bomb attacks in Yala. 

Lt Col Chalash Srivichien, who is in charge of the Army Special Operations Unit in Yala, said on Monday that all officers have joined with the Yala police in hunting down the bombers responsible for Sunday night explosive attacks in 4 different locations.

The attacks, which injured at least two residents, took place not long after Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra visited the province to give moral support to security officers injured while carrying out their duties.

After all searches, the security officers have arrested 24-year-old Hasun Musodi for his suspicious involvement in the explosions. His custody was made under the Martial law.

Lt Col Chalash said that Mr. Hasun might have knowledge about the 4 bombing attacks and that officers have already searched his house and collected his DNA sample as evidence in the investigation.

Mr. Hasun has denied the allegation that he has had any involvement in the latest assaults.


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