Sub-committee overseeing retail business to be installed


BANGKOK, 11 May 2015 – The Commerce Minister, General Chatchai Sarikalya, will soon propose the establishment of a sub-committee overseeing retail business, aimed at ensuring fair trading and ethical behavior among businesses as well as generally improving trading practices.

The Deputy Director General of the Department of Internal Trade Santichai Santawanpas made the statement, saying the sub-committee would consider various complaints, while looking after the well being of all businesses, regardless of size.

The establishment of the sub-committee is in line with a recent public forum on the the 1999 Trade Competition Act, which concluded that obsolete laws should be amended and a group of individuals should be selected to process trade-related complaints. The Deputy Director-General also stressed that these committee members should be free from political and other influences in order to ensure fairness and transparency.

The drafting of the amendment has been completed and is currently being reviewed by General Chatchai Sarikalya before being forwarded to the Cabinet and eventually the National Legislative Assembly for approval and implementation, Mr. Santichai said.