Students from Sawangdandin Vocational College win 39th Honda Soichiro Cup in Japan


JAPAN – The Office of the Vocational Education Commission has congratulated a group of students from Sawangdandin Vocational Education College in Sakhon Nakhon after they won the 39th Honda Soichiro Cup in Japan last month.

The students of the “Nai Hoi Tamin” team from Sawangdandin Vocational Education College, were placed first in the “New Challenge” category at the 39th Honda Soichiro Cup, with a record of 2,048.17 kilometers per liter. The international event took place on September 28 and 29 at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit and was attended by over 300 teams from many Asian countries, such as Japan, China and Vietnam.

The “Nai Hoi Tamin” team was also the winner at the 21st Honda Eco Mileage Challenge in Thailand last year. The team built a car that can run up to 1,792 kilometers per liter of gasoline, at an average speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

Members of the “Nai Hoi Tamin” team comprise Nantapong Saiwan, Abhisit Pakdirak, Nattawut Suwannakan and Tawee Putson, with their instructor, Phornthawee Wongchalermsak, acting as their manager.