State Railway and Underground trains increase security measures


BANGKOK, 10 April 2014 — The State Railway of Thailand and the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand will implement increased security measures during the upcoming Songkran festival. 

The State Railway expects that more than a million passengers will take a train to go to the provinces during the Thai New Year Festival. It, therefore, has plans to add more train services to facilitate the increasing number of passengers from April 11 to 20.

Officials stationed on trains and platforms have been instructed to be more vigilant in taking care of passengers’ safety. CCTV cameras are to be constantly checked to ensure they are in good working condition.

Meanwhile, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand has also beefed up its security measures for the safety of people using Sky Trains and the Underground. Teams of rescue personnel with sniffer dogs, are ordered to regularly patrol stations to prevent any possible bomb attacks during the festive event.