Special Report: The 22nd Anniversary of Seub Nakhasatien’s Death


Seub Nakhasatien was a well-known legendary conservationist who put his effort to save nature and wildlife. His untimely death has raised public awareness over the conservation of nature and wildlife. 

As a nature protector, Seub Nakhasatien is known for his work to protect Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Following his self-sacrificing suicide in 1990, Seub Nakhasatien Foundation has been established to carry on his mission and promote the preservation of the environment and natural resources, and to save and protect wildlife. A monument of Seub was also built in Huai Kha Khaeng to commemorate his sacrifice.

As the year 2012 marks the 22nd anniversary of Seub Nakhasatien’s death, commemorative events are held across the country. On September 1st, Uthai Thani province holds “Seub Nakhasatien” event. Wreath-laying and alms-offering ceremonies take place in the morning at Baan Seub Nakhasatien Memorial.

Kasetsart University holds a seminar on “The Death of Seub Nakhasatien, The Turning Point in Thailand’s Conservational Awareness” on August 31st, while on September 1st, merit-making ceremony is held for the deaths of Seub Nakhasatien and those who had sacrificed their lives to protect wildlife, followed by a talk by Thai well-known actor Tik Jesdaporn Pholdee sharing his experiences regarding wildlife and nature. Furthermore, candle-lighting ceremony takes place in the evening.

Chandrakasem Rajabhat University on August 31st organized a concert to commemorate Seub’s sacrifice. Musicians attending the concert include The Forester Music Family, Poo Pongsit, the Caravan, etc.

On September 15th, The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA) organizes a praying ceremony in the morning, led by a group of monks from Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit. Wildlife researches are presented to audience in the afternoon by the DNP Wildlife Forensic Science Unit. In the next morning, case study on the 2011 devastating flood is highlighted in the seminar, followed by a concert from Paradox and Apartment Khunpa in the evening.

According to the Seub Nakhasatien Foundation, the overall forest and wildlife situation has seen a positive sign since 2004. At present, Thailand’s forest areas cover approximately 33 percent of the total area of the country or around 130 million rai.