Special report Bangkok gubernatorial candidate Mr. Kosit’s policy


A media mogul and candidate for Bangkok’s next governor, Mr. Kosit Suwinit, has promised to solve the chronic traffic congestion in Bangkok around the clock; in his 4-point platform, with which he hopes to win the hearts of voters.

According to the news, former president of Media of Medias Public Company Limited Mr. Kosit said, as Bangkok is the city that never sleeps; his policy is, therefore, aimed at providing convenience for its residents 24 hours a day.

If elected, Mr. Kosit said he would go all out to solve Bangkok’s notorious traffic by immediately installing road signs, among several approaches, to direct commuters to their destinations faster, which helped reduce congestion .

His policy is also focused on promoting 24 hours of learning. Libraries across Bangkok will be accessible to the public day and night. The quality of education in all Bangkok’s schools will be raised to the same standards; moreover, students will have a chance to learn from famous teachers via satellite and high- speed internet broadcasting.

Additionally, free Wi-Fi will also be installed across the city, allowing everyone to access the internet anywhere and at anytime. In terms of the economy, Mr. Kosit said office working hours should consist of three different shifts given foreign companies operate in different time zones. Taxes, according to him, would be collected at the rate of 17%, which is similar to Singapore, to encourage foreign companies to set up their offices in Bangkok.

Mr. Kosit said in his statement that he would also like to turn Bangkok into a cultural hub if he won the election. His plans for the transformation included showcasing ASEAN cultures at a museum, establishing the Hollywood of Asia in Bangkok, building a theatre, and raising income for Thailand via the promotion of cultural-themed businesses.

Regarding safety, he assures that Bangkokians will be safe 24 hours a day. If elected, he will install more street lights and CCTV cameras in risk areas in 50 districts. He also has a plan to install the GPS tracking system in taxis to enable passengers to check their routes as well as to inform their families of their whereabouts.

Lastly, all power lines will be moved underground to improve landscapes, adding that this will also reduce the risks of accidents involving street lights and electricity. Mr. Kosit is confident that his policy can be implemented, and is for the benefit of not only those in Bangkok but also for everyone in this country.