Southern teachers call for improved safety measures


YALA, Jan 16 – State authorities have been asked to strengthen security for educators as they have become targets of insurgent attacks in this southernmost province of Thailand.

The fresh call was made after a teacher at Ban Nibong School in Kabang District was shot dead while going home on a motorbike in Saba Yoi District in adjacent Songkhla province. The victim was identified as Suparerk Sae Lung, 38.

Krisda Rojanapapong, director of Lakor School and chairman of the Yaha-Kabang Teachers Club, said the request for intensified security was brought up in the teachers’ meeting yesterday. They said the fatal attack has shaken the teachers’ morale.

The teachers also referred to a recent incident in which two police were killed in a bomb attack on Yaha police station.

He said the authorities must adjust their security measures, especially in areas bordering Yala and Songkhla provinces.

Today marks National Teachers’ Day. Mr Krisda said teachers were not asking for anything special, but wanted safety so they could concentrate on teaching.