Southern MP candidates seek court injunction


BANGKOK, Jan 6 – Election candidates of the ruling party in Thailand’s South who were unable to register their candidacies as the process was disrupted by anti-government protesters today sought a Supreme Administrative Court injunction to reserve their right to register to run in the Feb 2 election.

The candidates in 29 constituencies in eight southern provinces of Pheu Thai Party asked the court to reserve their rights to register for MP candidacy after protesters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) blocked the registration venues.

They urged the Supreme Administrative Court to to issue an injunction to protect their right.

Pheu Thai Party spokesman Prompong Nopparit blamed the southern election commissioners for failing to change the venues for candidacy registration in response to the blockade by anti-government protesters. The failure resulted in some candidates being unable to register their applications.

He noted that poll agency officials did not change to registration venues which were safer and that the Pheu Thai Party was obliged to seek court intervention to endorse its candidate applications.

Election Commission secretary-general Pushong Nutrawong said MP candidates in the eight southern provinces could exercise their rights by filing a complaint to the Supreme Court.

He asserted that the poll agency will not be discouraged and promised that the Feb 2 general election must be held with impartiality as planned.

Pheu Thai Party leader Jarupong Ruangsuwan, in his capacity as caretaker Interior Minister, today expressed concern over possible confrontations during the “Bangkok Shutdown”.

He said all political movements could protest under the rule of law, but what the caretaker government could do right now is to sustain the situation paving the way for the general election.

The Pheu Thai candidates in the Northeast have received positive response from local residents there.