Songkhla Special Task Force seizes 50 rai of forest area


Bangkok – The Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 led authorities to seize 10 forest areas in the National Forest Reserve of the San Kalakiri mountain range after it was earlier found that almost 50 rai of forest area had been destroyed.

Songkhla Special Task Force cooperated with a special working group of the ISOC to inspect the virgin forests adjacent to San Kalakiri National Park on the Thai-Malaysian border. The operation was launched after the Anothai Adhoc Unit conducted an aerial survey and found deforestation in many areas of Songkhla province.

In some areas, valuable woods were found to have been felled by a chain saw. Newly grown durians were also found in some areas but the offenders were not found. Authorities have seized the forest area and will track down the offenders in order to prosecute them.