DNP announces closure of southern islands during rainy season


Bangkok – The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation has announced the temporary closure of attractions in a number of national parks in the region during the rainy season.

The Adang – Rawi archipelago will be closed from May 16 to October 14 due to strong winds and high waves. Meanwhile, Lipe and Tarutao islands are open for tourism throughout the year.

Tarutao National Park consists of 51 large and small islands, covering a total area of 1,490 square kilometers. The national park has seven large islands, including Tarutao, Adang, Rawi, Lipe, Klang, Butang and Bitsi. They are divided into two archipelagos, namely Tarutao and Adang – Rawi.

Tourists who plan to visit the coastal province of Satun during this time of the year can contact Tarutao National Park at 0-7478-3485 for further information.