Somkid urges export strategy adjustment


Deputy prime minister Somkid Jatusriphitak yesterday advised the Commerce Ministry to adjust its export strategy by focusing more on free-trade negotiations with Thailand’s strategic trading partners.

At a meeting with heads of Commerce Ministry, Somkid said that the ministry must make modifications to its export promotion campaign by placing greater priority on entering into bilateral negotiations with Free Trade Area (FTA) countries.


He stressed that these negotiations must focus on allowing Thailand’s industries to receive the highest benefits and technological knowhow in keeping with the government’s plans to modernize the country in accordance with the 4.0 generation development plan.

He predicted that Thailand’s competitiveness will rise to stand at around 20 – 25th position by next year from where it currently stands at 28th position.

He attributed this to the success the government has achieved in its 2 year sustained economic structural reforms in order to achieve parity with international standards.

Meanwhile deputy commerce minister Suvit Maecincee admitted that the government’s push to move the country towards the 4.0 generation development plan will result in a number of unemployment in the labor force.

This will be particularly so for unskilled workers because as the country continue to modernize, with increased use of technology and automation, their skills or lack of it, will render them obsolete.

He then advised that workers in the labor force make investments in improving their skills and abilities so as to remain competitive in the labor market.

The government does not overlooking this fact and has plans to promote greater proficiency in the national labor force, he added.