Soap fans pressuring Channel 3 to broadcast their favorite show


BANGKOK, 14 January 2013 A group of fans of the much debated soap “Nuea Mek”, recently withdrawn from Channel 3 for what the station claimed as ‘inappropriate content’, gathered in front of Malinon Building on Sunday to put the pressure on the station to broadcast the soap.

The protesters, wearing white masks, converged in front of the TV network to protest the ban of their favorite soap “Nuea Mek’, which they believed, had been politically motivated.

They could be seen holding placards displaying messages urging Channel 3 to broadcast the remaining episodes of the soap. They presented a letter stating their demand to Head of the TV station public relations Mr. Borisut Buranasumrit who clarified that the reason for pulling out the show was on the inappropriate content, and has nothing to do with the TV license concession as rumored.

He added that he would refrain from specifying which part of the show was viewed as promoting social divides citing that it would further fuel the feud. According to him, Channel 3 has always been applying a certain amount of censorship on every show and program the executives see as defying the law.