Smokers urged to quit smoking on World No Tobacco Day


BANGKOK, 24 May 2012 – The Thai Health Promotion Foundation is inviting smokers to quit smoking on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day on 31 May. 

With the quick approach of the World No Tobacco Day, the foundation’s Director, Kritsada Rueng-areerach, has called on smokers to realize the dangers of tobacco. At the same time, he has encouraged them to take this opportunity of the World No Tobacco Day to quit their smoking habit with the objective of reducing cancer, which is one of the main causes of fatalities among the Thai people.

Approximately 40,000 people die from smoking each year. An academic report has indicated that the risk of cancer for smokers is 3.16 times greater than non-smokers. Smokers also risk contracting respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, chronic cough, pulmonary Emphysema, all of which can lead to fatal outcomes. Moreover, smoking can cause chronic ulcers, hypertension, liver cirrhosis, periodontitis, sinusitis and heart disease. Additionally, the chance of miscarriage is 1.6 times higher in pregnant smokers, while smoking can be the root of a baby’s under-development.