Sister turns thieving sibling in to police


A 29-year-old woman turned in her 19-year-old sister to police after the younger sibling allegedly stole 20,000 baht from her bank account.

Paweena-orn Piaraj of Tak Province worked with the staff at the Kasikorn Bank branch on Soi Buakhao to detain Saengduan on January the 21st for allegedly stealing her bank book and forging her signature in order to loot her account.

Police found her sitting sheepishly in the manager’s office.

The elder sister told police her sister stole her bank book on January the 20th and withdrew 20,000 baht and stayed out all night partying.

After complaining to the bank, executives there promised to alert her if Saengduan tried to withdraw more money.

She didn’t have to wait long. The next day, the younger woman returned to take out another 2,000 baht. She was charged with fraud, forgery of bank documents and theft.

It’s apparently not the first time the Piaraj sisters have fallen out over money. Paweena-orn claims Saengduan previously tried to steal her three-baht gold necklace to sell for cash, but was caught before the sale was made.

Paweena-orn said she forgave her sibling that time, but no more.

Sister turns thieving sibling in to police.