Sirikit Dam discharges more water ahead of rainy season


UTTARADIT, Jan 29 – Sirikit Dam in Uttaradit province has released more water, aiming to cut retention capacity to less than 50 percent in preparation for the next rainy season.

Thanarat Phumimakasikorn, Director of the Sirikit Dam, said that the Sirikit Dam was contacted by the Royal Irrigation Department’s water management committee to increase water discharge from the dam, in line with the government’s policy to increase discharge volume to 44 million cubic metres from 30-35 million cubic metres per day released over January 27 to April.

It targeted to a retention capacity of less than 50 percent, as it assessed increased rainfall in the upcoming rainy season. The dam on Sunday released 46 million cubic metres per day and will raise the volume of discharged water to 50 million cubic metres per day on January 31 in accordance with the plan.

Regarding downstream areas, according to a survey on downstream Nan River, there is no report of significant impact. However, low-lying farmland in Uttaradit’s Tron district and Phichai district may eventually be impacted by the release of 50 million cubic metres.

He said authorities warned local residents and explained to them why such a large amount of water needed to be discharged from the dam to better create understanding.