Shinawatra clan removed from SMEs Promotion Office


A member of the Shinawatra clan has been removed as deputy director of the Office of SMEs Promotion by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha, invoking Section 44 of the interim constitution.


The prime minister told reporters on Friday the removal of Ms Panita Shinawatra was intended to improve the working efficiency of the office and to resolve the problem of division among staff members.

The prime minister claimed that the SME Promotion Office was given two years already to resolve the internal conflict and division problem. He said that, in fact, there are several more problems in the office that need to be tackled.

“No matter who is smart or not smart. The issue at stake is whether the organization can move forward or not. If there are differences in opinions or if there is a conflict that stalls moving forward, then removal of someone is necessary,” said the prime minister in reference to Ms Panita’s removal.