Severe floods hit Yala, South Thailand

Raman was among six flooded districts of the southern border province while persistent rain from Feb 23 to 27 sent floodwater to local communities.

Raman district faced deep flooding which isolated a village while the provincial governor ordered maximum assistance for victims.

Raman was among six flooded districts of the southern border province. Persistent rain from Feb 23 to 27 sent floodwater to local communities.

Yala governor Pirom Nilthaya went to Raman district to distribute essentials including food and drinking water to victims.

The governor also visited Moo 5 and Moo 3 villages and found a flood-damaged bridge which isolated about 60 families in Moo 3 village. He deployed soldiers, police and disaster mitigation officials on boats to help affected people.

The governor said that Raman was hardest hit by flooding. It has been inundated since Feb 24 due to a deluge of water from Narathiwat province through the Sai Buri River which then overflowed into communities in Raman. Provincial authorities were doing their best to help victims and providing them with cooked food among other essentials.

Local disaster prevention and mitigation officials reported that floods hit six districts, affected 4,810 families or 18,380 people and killed one in Yala. (TNA)