‘Seoul Thai Festival Online 2022’ to promote tourism and healthy food – April 22-23

All Thai and Korean friends are invited to watch our video streaming on 23 and 24 April 2022 at https://www.youtube.com/user/akcsns or on the embassy’s Facebook page.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul proudly presents ‘Seoul Thai Festival Online 2022’. Together with the ASEAN-Korea Centre, the Royal Thai Embassy in Seoul wishes to invite all Thai and Korean friends to watch our video streaming on 23 and 24 April 2022 at https://www.youtube.com/user/akcsns or on the embassy’s Facebook page.

The Thai Festival is an annual event organized by the Embassy since 2015 to create awareness and strengthen friendly relationship between Thailand and the Republic of Korea, especially people to people relations. It also aims to as well as to promote tourism in Thailand and Thai products, including Thai Food. In early 2019, the event took place at Cheonggye Plaza with more than 45,000 participants. However, since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 – 2021, the Embassy organized the 6th Seoul Thai Festival as a Virtual Online, under the theme “Imagine Thailand” which received around 2 million views within a month.

Despite Thailand and the Republic of Korea are making good progresses in containing the spread of the COVID-19, as seen in the reduction of number of infections and the relaxing of the social distance measure, both countries remain cautious. As the result, the Embassy decides to organize the Second Seoul Thai Festival under the theme “Healthy Thai” online. The festival this year will promote good health in Thai style in relation to Thai culture, healthy food, self-health monitoring, Muay Thai for exercises and green tourism.

The Embassy has chosen Hanuman and Macchanu, characters from Thai Epic Ramakian as MCs of the festival to represent energy, power, activeness and happiness. The festival includes 7 programs as follows:

  1. Muay Thai for Fitness

The section aims to promote Muay Thai or Thai Boxing as an international sport and a fitness exercise that can be done at home. The Embassy invited Mr. Wittawat Kasom (Master Din) Muay Thai expert, as the instructor and Mr. Kyutae Sim (Kyutae Oppa), a Thailand based Korean Youtuber as the apprentice of the program. Kyutae Oppa’s channel on Youtube has more than 9 million subscribers who like him for his energetic, over the top personality and experimental contents. The program is comedic, energetic and containing professional and simple advices on Muay Thai Exercise techniques that anyone can try at home.

  1. Thai Healthy Food

After the completion of Muay Thai exercises, Master Din will introduce post workout healthy Thai dishes that are easy to cook or can be found in restaurants in the Republic of Korea.

  1. Golf Pro’s tips

In this program, Ms. Atthaya Thitikul (Pro Jeen), Thai Professional golfer (5th in LPGA) will be providing useful solid techniques. Ms. Atthaya will tee off at AYODHYA LINKS golf course. The program is specially designed for viewers who appreciate golf.

  1. Meet the Doctors by Ramathibodi Hospital

The Embassy in cooperation with Ramathibodi Hospital will present the special episode of Rama Channel, an online healthcare show to promote awareness on health and self-care for Thais who live in the Republic of Korea and Korean viewers. The program will focus on basic instructions on how to use non-prescription drugs, such as, painkillers and antibiotics etc. The Embassy and Ramathibodi Hospital hope that the program will encourage viewers to take better care when popping pills for basic ailment, especially for the approximately 170,000 Thais who reside in the Republic of Korea.

  1. Green Tourism Talk

In addition to our health, we need to consider the health of our environment. The Embassy presents Green Tourism Talk by Dr. Thon Thamrongnawasawat, Thailand’s leading marine biologist who will present Thai Tourism in light of environmental and sustainable development. Dr. Thon will also mention his experiences on marine conservation in Thailand and its relationship to green tourism, which is in line with Thailand’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy.

  1. Kakao Webtoon Thailand

Kakao Webtoon Thailand recently launched “Love Destiny” Webtoon on its mobile application on 1 April 2022. Love Destiny Webtoon is adapted from Thai TV Drama based on a love story in Ayutthaya, Kingdom of Thailand. The Embassy in collaboration with Kakao Webtoon Thailand will showcase an exclusive interview with Ms. Chanyawee Sompreeda, (Pen Name: Rom Paeng), author of “Love Destiny” novel. Rom Paeng will talk about the origin of the story, inspirations and background of the said Webtoon adaptation, which also encourages the understanding and exchanges of Thai – Korean culture. We hope that the Webtoon, which releases the mind and encourage inspiration and imagination, will lead to more future collaboration and exchanges of stories between Thailand and the Republic of Korea.

  1. Music for the Soul

The Embassy will showcase special mini concerts by Mr. Putthipong Assaratanakul (Billkin), singer, actor and Thai Pop Idol, who is also a Seoul Drama Awards of the 2021 International Drama Award recipient. Bilkin will be performing against the CG Animation back designed, created by talented Thai artists. In addition, the Embassy in cooperation with Creative Economy Agency (CEA) has invited new Thai indie bands, such as, Rattanakosin Breakin Crew, who is one of the first Thai Funk band and 043 Sila Club, whose genre is Isan Trap music.

Last but not least, the Embassy would like to invite Thais and Koreans to participate in the festival’s fun activities via Embassy’s Facebook (@RoyalThaiEmbassySeoul) and Instagram (@Thaifestkorea) by posting pictures with captions expressing what you miss most in Thailand and insert #Seoulthaifestival2022 hashtag. Winners will be awarded with special prizes. (NNT)