Senate: Govt’s not been following constitution regarding energy policy


BANGKOK, 3 September 2012  – According to Senator Rosana Tositrakul, the government has not been following the constitution regarding energy policy, claiming it doesn’t benefit the people. 

Ms. Rosana has stated that the government’s energy policy has not been in accord with the constitution that states, “Government must encourage free trade and prevent monopoly, both directly and indirectly”. However, the current situation shows that energy business has been under the monopoly of PTT Public Company Limited, which has transformed into a state-enterprise. As a result, the energy prices have been controlled by one agency only.

She added that she will send a request to the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to comply with a law that states “Permanent-Secretaries and Director-Generals are ineligible for private companies’ positions, due to the reasons of people’s benefits and conflicts of interests that have been prevalent in the past.