Security agencies inspect cameras, lighting at risk spots in Bangkok


BANGKOK, 18 March 2015 – Security-related agencies in Bangkok, City Hall officials and personnel from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority have been inspecting closed-circuit cameras installed throughout Bangkok to ensure safety for the public.

Out of the prime concern of security and safety in the lives and assets of the public, 283 closed circuit cameras and improvement of lighting have been installed at spots deemed at risk of crimes. After the spots had been fitted with cameras and lights, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwon ordered assigned security-related units to ensure that the cameras are properly maintained to be in working order.

Since last week, officials have been inspecting the function of the cameras and the lighting at the ‘risk spots’, which include various ports, Victory Monument and Chatuchak Park, to name a few.

The inspections drew much interest from passersby, who inquired about the functions of the cameras and who were relieved to know that security agencies placed importance on the lighting and electricity feed at the risk spots. Some members of the public also said they wanted the government to continue imposing martial law, as they felt that its use has improved safety in their daily lives.