Science Ministry warns parents to beware of downsides of Furby


BANGKOK, 22 February 2013 The Science Ministry is warning parents to beware of the downsides of the Furby craze, being witnessed now across Thailand. 

The Science Ministry’s Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS) has expressed concern over the current Furby craze among Thais, particularly teenagers and young children.

Furby is an electronic robotic toy resembling a hamster or owl-like creature, which has been made known around the world since its introduction in 1998.

With the “must-have” trend seemed to be hitting Thailand, TCELS is urging parents to keep a close eye on their children and to watch out for possible signs of problems, such as staying up past bedtime, aggressive behavior, or social isolation.

Dr. Krisada Sirampuch from the International Anti-Ageing Institute also called on parents to pay more attention to activities and toys their children are interested in order to avoid undesirable circumstances.