Science and Technology Ministry to host GEOINFOTECH 2016 next month


BANGKOK- The Ministry of Science and Technology will host an academic seminar entitled ‘GEOINFOTECH 2016’ from February 3 – 5 for scientists in relevant fields to share their knowledge.

Science and Technology Minister Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj said the seminar will be held at Queen Sirikit Convention Center. GEOINFOTECH 2016 is aimed at inspiring those working in geographic information systems to further their research and technology.

There will also be a computer software competition for program developers in geographic mapping and data analysis. The highlight of this year’s event will be the speeches by experts in digital economy.

Topics include the internet’s relevance to the improvement of global navigation satellite systems, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in land surveys and mapping, as well as the operation of the ‘THEOS-2’ satellite.

Dr. Pichet claimed it is also important for every industry to go online, as the Thai economy also depends on online accessibility.