Rubber Authority vows to enhance Thai rubber industry


BANGKOK – The Rubber Authority of Thailand is keen to bring development and innovations to the Thai rubber industry.

The Rubber Authority of Thailand has struck a deal with three organizations namely the Federation of Thai Industries (FDI), the Prince of Songkla University, and the National Science and Technology Development Agency. Under the agreement, the signatory agencies will work in unison to build networking among different sectors including agriculture, industry, education and the government. The network to be developed will in the future play a key role in raising competitiveness of Thai rubber.

The agreement mandates that researches be applied as much as possible to improve the quality and diversify the use of Thai rubber. In this regard, the four signatories will for the next three years concert their efforts in supporting innovations, studies, and researches on rubber production.

Furthermore, the Rubber Authority of Thailand will play a vital role in expanding the use of rubber in such industries as construction, medical equipment, and cosmetics, not to mention the fact that rubber has already been widely used in the manufacture of motor vehicle tyres.