Rich Brit Pick pocketed by lady boy


At 5 am on the 22nd October a British man carrying over ten thousand baht along beach road was robbed by three ladyboys.

The police attended the scene just off of soi 10 on beach road to find Mr Lee the 42 year old Brit who was detaining an 18 year old ladyboy identified Narong Wongsajan.

Mr. Lee stated that while he was strolling along Pattaya Beach, he met three lady boys inviting him for some fun, as they made their advances to him one of them relieved him of his wallet. He quickly realized what had happened and then a fight broke out, two of the ladyboys made their escape and Mr Lee was able to detain one of them.

The ladyboy denied the crime but the police are obviously aware that this is a very common crime in Pattaya especially on beach road early in the morning.