Rice deal winners can now transport rice out of warehouses at night


BANGKOK – The Public Warehouse Organization (PWO) has informed five winning rice bidders of requirements from the rice purchase deals, before they can transport rice out of the government stocks.

The five bidders won the purchase deal under the scheme developed by the Rice Policy and Management Committee to sell 140,000 tons of low-quality grains to producers of animal feeds and noodles.

Representatives from relevant industries were also invited to provide the winners with advice on how to manage rice. All rice deals are expected to be made within March 23. Most criteria under the agreements will remain unchanged, except for the transportation time.

The grains can now be transported out of the warehouses at night. However, the nighttime transport permit will be deliberated on a case by case basis. Violators will be prosecuted if the low-quality rice is being used for purposes other than producing animal feeds and noodles.