Digital IP infringements in Thailand on the rise


BANGKOK – The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) has announced it is taking serious actions against digital infringements, following a reported rise in violations. 

DIP Deputy Director-General Thosapone Dansuputra said his department will enforce stricter measures to suppress IP infringement on digital media. The DIP will work with the Ministry of Education to include IP infringement in the national curriculum and educate students, in order to prevent future crimes.

The DIP has discovered more than 100 websites with reported violations. Mr. Thosapone said some of these sites cannot be shut down, because they are hosted on servers outside of Thailand. In these cases, it is beyond Thai jurisdiction to order the removal of infringing content or shut them down.

However, 29 locations across the country have been identified as hot spots of IP rights violations. Mr. Thosapone is confident they will be eradicated within four years. Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the Ministry of Commerce to keep markets along Thai borders under surveillance, following reports of counterfeit products.