Revenue Department promotes e-Tax platform


The Revenue Department has opened a symposium promoting the electronic tax filing system supporting digital transactions, recently introduced to help drive Thailand towards a fully-digital economy.

The Revenue Department has joined forces with the Electronic Transactions Development Agency, the Ministry of a Digital Economy and Society, and ARIP, to hold the Thailand e-Tax Symposium 2019 promoting the e-Tax filing system.

At the symposium, the Revenue Department’s technology and communications consultant Kanittha Sahamethapat, gave a special lecture on integration of the e-Tax system for business, saying that the department is a government agency that aims to help private firms efficiently adapt their operations to the digital economy, helping increase their potential and competitiveness.

She said the e-Tax platform has been developed to facilitate modern businesses, and promote seamless business cooperation between the government and private sector.

The symposium also featured other lectures and seminars regarding e-Tax invoicing to promote broader adoption of the system, as well as speeches on e-Tax standards promoting electronic capability, e-Tax as a tool for digital advantage by companies, case studies on e-Tax benefits, and e-Tax invoicing development in the age of digital trade and finance. The Revenue Department also set up booths to provide guidance and advice on e-Tax adoption by companies, which received good feedback from participants.


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