Residents in Sai Mai evacuate after flood rises to 1 meter high


BANGKOK, 26 October 2011  – Residents in Sai Mai district have evacuated from the area after the flood water rose to more than one meter high.

The water level on Paholyothin Road is still high due to water flowing in from Rangsit. The level is particularly high around the intersection in front of the Directorate of Quartermaster or at the mouth of Soi Paholyothin 54/1 where the water is between 20 cm – 1.50 m high. In Soi Annex or Paholyothin 58, flood is more than one meter high, resulting in a lot of residents and pets being trapped inside. Meanwhile, military trucks are rushing to the areas to help evacuate the residents.

It is reported that the water is increasing and overflowing to the other side of the road, flooding almost all the traffic lanes. Once the water goes beyond this point, it will enter Bang Khen district, Sai Mai community and Ying Charoen Market. At present, some roads are closed already.