Flood water in front of Don Mueang Airport continuously increases


BANGKOK, 26 October 2011  – The water level in front of Don Mueang Airport continues to rise as officials are hurriedly reinforcing the dyke with stone mix and evacuating the flood victims to other evacuation centers.

At Don Mueang Airport, the water has flooded its front and the water level is increasing continuously, prompting officials to apply stone mix and sandbags to strengthen the dyke. So far the flood water has covered some parts inside the airport and on the runway with a tendency to spread to other areas. Airline operations have been halted as a result, and all the aircraft have been moved to other airports. Nevertheless, no passenger is left stranded.

Many flood victims who take shelter at the Don Mueang evacuation center were quickly relocated to other evacuation centers, causing the number of the evacuees to lower gradually.