Reception facility in Sattahip monitoring health of 83 students from Italy in COVID-19 alert


CHONBURI (NNT) – After a reception facility in Sattahip district, Chonburi province, was temporarily closed for disinfection, it has now reopened to a group of exchange students from Italy. The students are being quarantined while they wait to see if any of them develops symptoms of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Their relatives say they are satisfied that the students are being cared for in the quarantine facility.

The group of 83 exchange students from Italy arrived at U-Tapao International Airport yesterday morning (March 15). Following screening at the airport, six of them were placed under observation because of apparent symptoms. They were taken to Sattahip K.M. 10, Ban Chang, Map Ta Phut and Rayong hospitals. However, the six students were found to be free of fever, though one of them has a sore throat. Their overall condition has improved.

Meanwhile, the 77 students at the reception facility in Sattahip are also in good health, while those with congenital diseases or allergies are under the close supervision of medical personnel. Twenty-four of the students are males, and 53 are females.

The same procedures are followed for all people in this facility, where there are students from Italy and Wuhan, as well as workers from South Korea. However, the new student group is more closely monitored because most of them are from the red zones of Italy. Teams of public health and navy personnel are working around the clock, easing the concerns of their parents. The students are under close monitoring by health professionals and the Royal Thai Navy.

Throughout the day, their parents and relatives have continued to arrive at the facility with food, clothes and other gifts for their loved ones. They thanked the government, the medical personnel and the Royal Thai Navy for taking care of their children.