Recent trade fair in Songkhla generates 30 million baht


SONGKHLA, 23 June 2015 -Commerce Minister General Chatchai Sarikalya has revealed that the recent trade fair in Songkhla succeeded in generating as much as 30 million baht in cash flow.

According to the Commerce Minister, the event, in which around 300 Thai and Malaysian traders participated, was held in conjunction with a meeting between representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector from both Thailand and Malaysia.

Commerce Minister General Chatchai also had a chance to observe the development of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Songkhla during his visit to the trade fair.

He claimed that the facilities and the infrastructure are almost 100% ready, particularly at Sadao and Pedang Besar border points. The export volumes recorded at both places are the highest in Thailand with their exports worth 3.5 trillion baht and 1.5 trillion baht respectively.

The Port of Songkhla is also planning to install a mounted gantry crane to help exporters reduce freight charges when loading commodities onto cargo ships to Singapore.