Ready-to-eat food prices to be controlled


BANGKOK, 10 February 2012  – The Commerce Ministry has announced that it will from 20 February onwards control the prices of ready-to-eat meals at 15-35 baht. 

According to Internal Trade Department director-general Vachari Vimooktayon, the prices of 10 items of ready-to-eat meals on the menu, which have low production costs, will be controlled. Food vendors who violate the rule will be subjected to jail term, fine, or will be assessed for back tax by the Revenue Department.

Rice with omelet must be sold at no more than 20 baht. For canteen and regular food stores, noodles and other regular dishes will be priced at 25-30 baht; however, these dishes may be priced at 30-35 baht in malls and department stores. An extra egg could be charged for no more than six baht.

As for the Blue Flag food stalls, rice with omelet would be sold at 15 baht a serving, while other regular ready-to-eat dishes will be sold at no more than 30 baht per dish.