Ratchaburi unveils travel path following in footsteps of HM the late King


RATCHABURI – Ratchaburi province has piloted a new tourism pathway based on the route taken by His Majesty King Rama IX, during an extended visit in the 1980s.

The Tourism Office of Ratchaburi is now promoting its “In the Footsteps of Rama IX Tourism Trail” created as part of its local tourism strategy and offering travelers the opportunity to travel along the path used by His Majesty as he studied ways to rehabilitate the Khao Cha Ngum area.

Director of the Khao Cha Ngum Rehabilitation Study Project, Boonchuay Chuayradom explained that in 1986, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej visited the area of Ratchaburi province to find ways to rejuvenate its degraded soil, and set up demonstration farms to aid residents of the region.

The King also planted a tree to commemorate his visit with the plant now a major attraction of the province.

The community surrounding the mountain now adheres to His Majesty’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and serves as a center for tourism focusing on ethnic groups and local history.