Ranong conserves rare water onion protected species


RANONG, MAY 15 – An attempt to conserve a disappearing species, the water onion, in this southern Thai province continues to prevent the species disappearing altogether from the wild.

Wirote Saengsiwarit, deputy Ranong governor, said in his capacity as chairman of the working committee to conserve water onion locally that the province had laid out measures for local authorities to issue regulations to ban cutting or collecting the water onion, or to cause any damage to the rare plants in the wild except for research and conservation.

Dredging canals, adjusting areas or blocking and diverting waterways where the plant is found are also prohibited, except for the purpose of academic research, he said.

According to a survey of the natural resource and environment office in Ranong last year, some water onions, but only small numbers, were found in small creeks running through palm and rubber plantations. The numbers of this rare species has appeared to have fallen.

A way to breed the plant must be found as it is necessary for conservation.