Rajaprajanugroh Foundation hands out royally bestowed survival kits to storm victims in Bueng Kan


BUENG KAN – The Rajaprajanugroh Foundation Under Royal Patronage, has handed out royally bestowed donations to residents of storm stricken districts in Bueng Kan province.

Seven hail storms last month wreaked havoc in all of the province’s eight districts, particularly in Mueang, Sopisai and Pak Khat districts, where a total of 396 households were damaged.

Mr. Wilas Rujiwatthanapong, Chairman of the Foundation’s Relief Unit, handed the 350 royally bestowed survival kits to the storm victims. The kits contained dried food, instant noodles, canned products, cooking oil, fish sauce, drinking water, as well as a cooking pan and plates. The ceremony was held in the meeting hall of the Sopisai District Office.

The affected residents have expressed their gratitude to Their Majesties the King and Queen for their boundless kindness. The donation will greatly boost the morale of storm victims in the province.