Rainmaking operations underway at key dams


Bangkok – The government is promoting drought mitigating measures in many areas, including royal rainmaking operations to supply water to key reservoirs.

Measures currently being implemented are categorized in two groups, with the first being urgent action to assist farmers and villagers, including royal rainmaking operations to increase water in storage dams using 23 aircraft, which are being modified for the operation, and the drilling of groundwater wells as additional water sources.

The second set of measures covers compensation for farm products damaged by drought, including rice and other produce. The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Rice will be collaborating with agriculture officials in all districts to survey actual damage, and will urgently declare some areas to be disaster areas to enable the compensation process to begin. The Department of Rice will be offering rice seedlings for farmers whose crops are damaged.

The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives is currently offering a 3-year loan payback suspension for registered clients, and offers a 1-year suspension for unregistered clients. Related agencies are tasked with drafting their plans to realize urgent measures, and submitting them to Deputy Ministers of Agriculture for consideration before forwarding the plans to the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives.