Rail cars for new electric train route will arrive to Thailand early 2016


BANGKOK, 30 August 2015 – The Ministry of Transport has reported that a Japanese rail car manufacturer will be able to deliver all rail cars for the Bang Sue-Bang Yai purple electric train route in January next year.

Permanent Secretary for Transport Soithip Traisut has traveled to Japan to monitor the progress of the rail car manufacturing by the Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC) in Yokohama. The official said she was happy with the overall assembling and decoration of the rail cars. They were the latest models with the highest speed of 80 kilometers/hour, said Mrs. Soithip.

J-TREC is expected to deliver all 21 electric rail cars to Thailand in January 2016. After that, they will be tested for three months before the purple route provides free service for the public around May 2016. It is expected to be officially open in August.