Pubpeab Thailand defeating lying-down planking


BANGKOK, 21 June 2011 – Pubpeab Thailand has received a warm welcome as the number of people liking it on facebook and twitter followers have surpassed that of the Planking Thailand page amid the widespread planking craze in the cyber world. 

Pubpeab Thailand facebook and twitter pages were created on 17 June during the craze of planking in the Thai online social community. The page has asked people to perform the Thai sitting position of pubpeab, which is not dangerous and at the same time shows the beauty of Thai tradition.

According to the Pubpeab Thailand facebook page, the definition of pubpeab is to sit on the floor in a polite attitude with both knees bended together on one side of the body. This traditional way of sitting is used as a polite gesture and a show of respect to elder people, monks and Buddha images.

Pubpeab Thailand facebook page ( now has over 182,300 people liking it as of 9.30 hrs on 21 June 2011. Facebookers have been posting their photos performing pubpeab in various places such as on a toilet bowl and chair or even on another person performing lying down planking.

Cultural Surveillance Centre Director Ladda Tangsupachai viewed the movement a good way to turn the crisis of the foreign culture craze into an opportunity to promote Thai culture of pubpeab among youth. She however warned people to pubpeab in appropriate situations and places to avoid danger.