More rain expected this year, Ayutthaya will not be flooded


BANGKOK, 21 June 2011 -The Department of Royal Irrigation has begun a new water management this year to reduce the chance of flooding in Ayutthaya province, given the higher amount of rain by as much as 100% compared to last year. 

Maitri Pitinanon, Director of the Ayutthaya Royal Irrigation Project said the level of rain this year has been predicted to increase by more than 100%. Although it is not known at this point if this will later cause flooding in the province. Mr. Maitri said that this would need to be assessed during the rainy season.

He added however that the Royal Irrigation Department would continue to release water to prevent flooding. Both the Bhumipol and Sirikit Dams currently have over 10 billion cubic meter capacity left for more water while Pasak Dam can hold 300 million cubic meters more water.

He further stated that dams had already been built in many provinces in the low lying areas below Chao Phraya dam to prevent embankment erosion.


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