Public urged to conserve water due to water shortage


BANGKOK, 25 June 2015 – The Department of Irrigation is planning to divert less water into household reservoirs and is urging the public to conserve water during the dry season. The department has made known that the amount of rainfall during this month is far less than expected and the low amount failed to replenish water supplies in dams and reservoirs.

No heavy rains are forecast in July, but more storms will take place in August and September. The decrease in rainfall is estimated at around 10 percent below average. Around 1.06 billion cubic meters of water is available for use. Given the ongoing rate of consumption per day, water will only be available for 32 days or until July 24.

The department is adjusting its water diversion rate to 28 million cubic meters per day. Members of the public are advised to conserve water during this period due to the water shortage.