Public invited to view royal coronation drone show


Bangkok – The government is inviting the general public to witness a spectacular drone show during the royal coronation ceremonies, with 230 drones flying over Sanam Luang.

Radio Control Airplane Modelers’ Sports Association President Pisit Mitkuakun revealed there will be a drone performance on 6th May with two sets of drones, one consisting of 167 large drones forming the shapes of Thailand, and the Thai flag, as well as celebratory messages, the royal cypher, and a portrait of His Majesty the King, followed by the message Long Live the King; while another set of drones will include 68 smaller drones forming the shapes of the Thai flag, an elephant, and a golden shower flower.

The two drone-shows will last eight minutes and will be performed over Sanam Luang in Bangkok at 7 p.m. with a live broadcast by the Television Pool of Thailand.