Public Health’s guide to firecracker safety


BANGKOK, 4 November 2014 – The Department of Health has advised people to be mindful of dangers when playing with firecrackers on Loy Kratong Day.

Director of the Department of Health Dr. Pornthep has advised Loy Kratong revelers to use and play firecrackers the right way. They have been warned against lighting firecrackers near the crowd or in a windy place. Firecrackers should be lit and held within a safe distance from the face, hair and clothes.

Drinking should be avoided during the festival. Firecrackers must not be kept in a shirt or pants’ pocket as friction between the fabrics could set them off. Children should not play with firecrackers without adult supervision, according to the department.

Shops selling those items have been instructed not to store them in large amounts to prevent an explosion. Any chemicals should be kept in a separate location. They have also been ordered not to sell firecrackers to children under 18 years of age.