Public Health warns flood-prone residents to be aware of dengue fever


BANGKOK, 29 September 2013 – The Public Health Ministry has expressed its concerns over the health of flood-affected residents, as the flood could bring in waterborne borne diseases, particularly Dengue Fever.

According to the Ministry, over 100,000 people in Thailand have been treated for Dengue fever so far this year. To make the matter worse, flooding helps spawn more mosquitoes, the carriers of dengue virus.

So far most flood victims have been suffering from athlete’s foot as they have to wade through water to commute, getting their feet wet often and for a long period of time. The Public Health Ministry has been distributing medicine for athlete’s foot and other flood-related conditions.

All flood relief units under the Ministry have been working closely together to prevent waterborne diseases, especially Dengue, from spreading. Meanwhile, the Mental Health Department has also dispatched 853 teams to flooded areas to take care of people who need mental help, such as mental patients, the elderly, and those who lost their loved ones or lots of assets.