Public Health Ministry revises drug registration policy according to AEC standard


BANGKOK, 3 July 2012  – The Ministry of Public Health has held a meeting on drug registration policy revision in preparation for the upcompng AEC. 

Deputy Minister of Public Health Surawit Khonsomboon yesterday presided over the “19th Quality & Standard of Modern Medicine” meeting, held in The Sukosol Hotel(โรงแรมเดอะสุโกศล), Bangkok; the event was participated by all medication-related agencies such as scholars, experts, pharmacists, and the private sectors from Thailand and 9 other ASEAN countries. The main purpose of the meeting was to revise the drug registration policy in line with the AEC standard.

Mr. Surawit added that this implementation is an important step to take to be prepared for the advent of the AEC, under which the 10 members including Thailand are to encourage free movements of services, investments, capitals, and labors. Modern drug-related agencies have continuously discussed over the issue in order to reform and adjust rules and regulations concerning modern drug registration according to international standard. Mr. Surawit also stated that this cooperation would mutually facilitate commerce within the ASEAN region ,as well as genuinely enhancing the quality of modern medicines. In addition, the meeting will also cover the topic of making biological materials meet the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard for the safety of consumers