Public approves of new traffic regulation


BANGKOK, 23 October 2013 A total of 34 illegally parked vehicles have been towed away so far, said the deputy spokeswoman for the Royal Thai Police. 

According to Pol. Col. Witchayakorn Nichabaworn, the deputy spokeswoman for the Royal Thai Police, the general public has shown signs of approval by calling police hotline 1197 to compliment officials for their efforts – even suggesting that the new law be implemented on other main roads as well. The Metropolitan Police Bureau has responded that it will take the suggestion into consideration after the end of October.

However, it is likely that the new traffic regulation will further be enforced in 56 other streets. Officials have been ordered to uphold the law with equality, respect, and not to cause damage to the vehicles towed away.

Questions and comments can be directed to Hotlines 1197 or 1599.