PTT Plc ranks the topmost company that most people want to work with


PTT Public Company, Siam Cement Group or SCG and Toyota Motors Thailand rank the three top companies that most people want to work with, according to an opinion survey conducted by Jobs DB (Thailand) employment service.


Jobs DB (Thailand) managing director Ms Noppawan Chulakanith said the company conducted online survey of the opinions of 446 members of Jobs DB website during May-June about the top ten companies that they would like to work with.

The poll result shows most of the respondents want to work in PTT Public Company because of its attractive pay and fringe benefits such as bonus and medical coverage and job security.

The other nine most-favoured companies are No 2 SCG, No 3 Toyota Motors Thailand, No 4 Google Thailand, No 5 Honda Automobile (Thailand), No 6 Advance Info Services , No 7 Uniliver Thai Trading, No 8 Chevron Thailand, No 9 Total Access Communications or DTAC and Nestle Thailand.

Ms Noppawan said fringe benefits are the key criterion for the choice of work place for Thai while the reputation of the companies is also another equally important factor.