PTT, Bangchak reduce oil prices by 60 satang/liter


BANGKOK, 10 May 2011  – Domestic oil retailers and refineries PTT Plc and Bangchak Petroleum Plc have reduced their retail prices of benzene products by 60 satang per liter, except for E85, which is decreased by 30 satang a liter, starting from Tuesday at 05.00 hrs onwards. 

The price adjustment resulted from higher prices of crude oil in the global market. Therefore, the new retail oil prices at PTT and Bangchak stations in Bangkok and its vicinities are as follows:

Benzene 91 is sold at 42.94 baht per liter.

Gasohol 95 stands at 38.04 baht and Gasohol 91 at 35.54 baht per liter.

E20 is at 34.64 baht, while E85 at 22.32 baht per liter.

High-speed diesel remains at 29.99 baht per liter thanks to the government’s diesel price subsidy policy.